Multiband QRP kit..Sierra?


From: Dave Kelley (
Date: Tue Sep 27 1994 - 02:07:45 EDT

I talked to two guys on 40 CW the other day and the subject got onto QRP
operations. I heard from both of them about a project under way to bring out
a multi-band kit (from the same club that is bringing us those cool little
mono-banders) and it's name is Sierra. It's supposed to have a 500 hz CW
filter, RIT, XIT, and a hot RX. Sounds like it might be a nice little
rig..especially if it's as hot a RX as the HW-9.

I have read all the messages in the news area I could get my eyes on and I
haven't seen anything about this radio yet. I understand it might be waiting
on delivery of the final transistors to make up the kit...

Anyhow, have I been missing something? Does anyone know more about it?
Cost? Bands it'll cover? Availablity? (I'm ready NOW!)

Thanks and 73

Dave, AA7TQ

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