Sugar Pop Morse Code


From: Jason F. Penn (
Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 15:25:33 EDT

Greetings. I was browsing the cereal box assortment on top of the
refridgerator the other day and noticed a "Morse Code" chart on the side
panel of a box of Sugar Pops. The table is intended for use with some
sort of flashlight freebie. However, the table is *wrong*. I don't recall
exactly which characters were wrong, many were correct. I think comma was
given as -.-. for example. The folks who made the table could be out of
their minds, but I was wondering if maybe they printed the table for the
fabled landline telegraphy of old?

Does anybody know? Does anybody care?

Ob. QRP:

I bought (another) HW-8 this weekend at the Chicago FM CLub's Hamfest in
Grayslake, IL. This one looks mint, perfect manuals, matching power supply,
Hi-Z phones, and an MFJ audio filter. I've yet to fire it up.

What is it with QRPers often having an obsessive number of rigs? :-)

P.S. A dealer had an Index Labs rig on display (forsale?). Slick looking rig.

       Jason F. Penn N9RPT |  Persoft, Inc.  |
   Whenever I want to find something, it's always in the last place I look.

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