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From: wynn c c (wyn@stc06.CTD.ORNL.GOV)
Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 12:28:48 EDT

Subject: Re: QRP for starting ham

On Sat, 24 Sep 1994 15:50:19 (Michael Silva) wrote:

>What I would emphasize to a new ham is (a) the importance of a good
>receiver, and a good antenna, and (b) the value of building skills
>and confidence with "easy" contacts before going after the tough
>ones. For the rest of us, I hope we all make sure to spend some time
>on the Novice bands to help the new folks along.

Ditto, on spending time on the Novice bands. I try to spend a couple
of hours per week on the 40 meter novice band to recognize and encourage
novice operators. Usually run around 10-12 WPM but will slow down if
asked. Typically, your efforts in support and encouragement will be
greatly appreciated. Do expect to receive some requests for QSL cards
as some of these folks have set a goal for WAS. Five watt QSO's with
stations there are possible but not frequent, mainly due to recent
increases in QRM(N) levels. The favorite QSO's are with first time op's.
I'm almost as excited as they are to make sure that their first
impression is a good one.

One of side benefits is that sometimes you are visited there by an
old-timer whose pace may be slow due to arthritis or whose aim is the
same as yours, but who is otherwise sharp as a tack. Two fellows
come to mind who were recently worked. One is a relatively new ham,
lives alone, and will be 92 this December. The other is 84, still
remembers his spark station call, had a long career in radio development,
and provides some interesting fills in the history of radio in the U.S.
that the history books and TV specials left out.

I think HF CW is the only mode they work. Could it be that CW is
additionally good for longevity as well as its other well known
benefits? ;-)

C. C. (Clay) Wynn, N4AOX

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