Re: A confession (and then some ...)


From: R. D. Keys (rdkeys@csemail)
Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 14:00:25 EDT

On the subject of handedness and penning amidst the fire of bedlam
on the qrn/qrn of a band at speed in the heat of a contest or otherwise....

> This is a reply to a bulletin issued by DL8MFQ @ DB0SIF.#HES.DEU.EU
> to QRP @ EU on August 29th 1994. (BID: 2984DB0SIF4Z)
> K5FO> I learned early in life (and I am right handed) to send with the
> > right hand and with the pen in my right hand at the same time.
> > Then the transition from sending to receiving requires no
> > additional work on my part.
> Well, that may work ok with the conventional good ol' key, but with a
> paddle it becomes quite difficult to hold a pencil while operating the
> bug. That's my experience. But there is no problem to operate the bug with
> the left hand. I simply rotate the bug 180 degrees. In that way I can send
> CW with my left hand just as I did with the right hand. I am a happy owner
> of a Bencher, the one and only!

I have to side with both parties, in this case. I find it very easy to
maintain a pen/pencil in the writing position when batting a key or a
bug. I would assume the trick would work as well on a keyer. Most
of my keyer locals seem to do it reasonably easily, too.

For those with keyers or those few fortunate folks with left-handed bugs,
it is easy to send with one hand and pen with the other. I find it a
bit more tricky to go from a bug in one hand to the reverse bug in the
other. It takes some concentration, but the mind handles it reasonably
well. I have not had to do it in the midst of a run at speed amid the
bedlam of qrm/qrn. I find a better solution is to stick with one bug
(l or r) and run a mill of some sort for copy. Alas, real radio mills
with the full uppercase are getting somewhat hard to find in very
usable shape. Most have been pretty well trashed. I guess a quiet
well-shielded computer would suffice..... (:+}}.....

> K5FO> I personally wonder about keyboard operation during a test,
> > where one is using CT or whatever, then sending with a key.
> Right! Using a computer (or whatever fancy digital blackboxes) is a shame!
> But... (Shame on me)... I happend to monitor the air with my computer.
> It started as an experiment. I wanted to see how the computer manage to
> copy the morse code from humans. I was supprised, the computer did a
> excellent job, consider is was only a computer.

I have had great success using both a bug and a straight iron in conjunction
with a computer in contests (my only contests are Field Day and the 160 CW
fracas). There are times when the computer is good for canned replies,
etc, but sometimes, a fellow on the other end needs a fill from the bug
or a really sloooooooooow return in the heavy qrm/qrn that the computer
just takes too long to reset. So, in my opinion, there is always room
for the manual sending iron of whatever ilk, even in the contests.
To have to rely solely on the computer leaves open too many gotchas.
Most of the computer programs that I have seen and used on Field Day
and the 160 runs are WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too pretty and enamored in
their showiness for what is really required. I wish the writers of
such softwares would keep the computer operator interface stripped to
the barest minimum. The less frills and complications, the better
for a high speed run on a contest, in my opinion.

I never have decoded via computer, although did have an old hal to
monitor the marine notices for a while. I can't imagine that the computer
would be sufficiently error free to handle many of the manual/bug freaks
that I have run across over the years, especially in qrm/qrn. The dsp
folks would tell you otherwise, but I have never seen the dsp folks in
real life on 160 in the middle of the sweepstakes fracas.

I guess there is still some life in the ancient ways.....

some stuff deleted

> See you around, folks!
> 73 de Bob.

Boatanchor Bob (what's this.... more bobs in the ointment!!!)
'de ol' CW fart.....

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