QRP For Beginning Hams


From: K7YHA@aol.com
Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 22:27:45 EDT

QRP is NOT for everyone. Some people find it difficult to conduct a QSO at 5
WPM and never seem to get past the Tech (now Tech Plus) license.

HOWEVER, once in a great while, there appears on the scene, someone who is an
exception to the rule. Enter Fran, KA3WTF. Fran bought his Argo 515 EIGHT
years BEFORE he received his first ham license. He went from no license
directly to general in one testing session. He then proceeded to use his Argo
515 to obtain DXCC on 10 meters.....ALL on CW! Fran is an outstanding CW
operator and contester. He totally scorns the use of any more than 5 watts of
RF output power.

N3DCG, Jim Martin, is the same way. Jim worked many QRP QSOs using his 515
(mainly on SSB) and no one ever told him that QRP was supposed to be
difficult. So what's the big deal.

Both of these outstanding QRPers are atypical examples of hams that just took
off and started working QRP with out a thought as to the power disparity
between their low power signals and the majority of the other operators on
the band using between 100 and 1500 watts.

Why do we make such a big deal out of working the world with only a couple of
watts. Anybody who has been in this business more than 12 months can readily
see that there is no need to run more than a few watts under most conditions
(about 90% of the time).

It does rattle the QRO types, though. I just busted a pile up on P40MX using
my NorCal-40 and wire antennas. GOD, what a feeling. Almost (but not quite)
better than sex.

As Fran once said: "QRP is the most fun I've had with my clothes on in a long

73 / 72 Rich

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