Re[2]: Adapting handheld for Auto use.


Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 23:04:55 EDT

          Re the request for info on the MFJ mics. I've had two of
          them (MFJ speaker mics) for several years for use at hamfest
          and emergency comms. They work just fine for this purpose.
          If you are planning on using them in an automobile you'll
          probably find that the speaker in most any "speaker-mic"
          will not be sufficient. The main reason I find them not
          sufficient is that the speaker in the mic is just too small
          to move enough air to overcome the ambient noise in a car or
          truck. I'd suggest that a separate speaker be used, the
          Radio Shack extension speaker works fine for me. Having to
          turn an HT to max volume to hear usually introduces
          sufficient distortion to be irritating.

          BTW, a mic for most HTs can be easily built using Radio
          Shacks electret condenser element and an old mic case that
          the PTT switch still works. For Icom HTs just put the mic
          element in series with the PTT switch. When I used an HT in
          my car I used one of these for several years. If and when
          you build such a mic stuffing material for pillows makes a
          good filler for the case to hold the mic element in place.
          One other point, get the longest mic cord you can get. The
          less stress you put on the mini plug that plugs into the HT
          the better (you'll spend less time fixing the connections).


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