Re: Adapting handheld for Auto use.


Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 11:04:44 EDT


Put seperate antennas on the vehicles. Moving antennas between cars is a
pain (or will become one). Gutter mounts are typically not too efficient.
I'd recommend quarterwave antennas on both (especially if you or your wife
have to go into garages). Mag mounts (I use Larson bases) work well.
Mounting SO-239s in the roof also work well but require considerably more
work for installation...not to mention drilling a hole in the roof of
your vehicles (wives don't generally take to this too well). Another
consideration (at least for your Honda and maybe for your other vehicle)
 might be the on the glass type of antenna. You probably can get a bit
of gain with these antennas with just a little more height. Just some


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Subject: Adapting handheld for Auto use.
Author: Jerry A Kreifels <> at Internet
Date: 9/23/94 12:54

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Subject: Adapting handheld for Auto use.
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I'm looking to put my Yaesu FT530 handheld in my car for mobile use, but
am having trouble sorting out necessary accessories, primariliy the
antenna. You can spend $14.95 for the cheapie from MFJ, or hundreds for
an antenna, separate mount, and cable from other sources.
I want to be able to move it between my Honda and my wife's Mercury
Villager, so either a magnetic mount for both, or gutter mount for the
Honda and something to attach to the luggage rack on the Villager is
called for.
Is the MFJ Dual-bander at $14.95 any good? Otherwise, what do you
recommend as an alternative? I want to keep the antenna length to 3ft
or less, and don't want to sink more than $50-$75 into the antenna.
Also will put an external mic on. Anyone have experience with either
the MFJ mics at about $25 or the one available at Radio Shack for $20?
How do these measure up to Yaesu mics?
Any guidance is appreciated. I'm new to this; license came in the mail
a week ago. Thanks.
Jerry, KE6MFJ

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