From: Jeffrey Herman (jeffrey@math.hawaii.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 03:28:46 EDT

Here's a tidbit: When winding an inductor that's *not* to be
close wound (such as when using bare wire) you can keep the spacing
between winds uniform by threading nylon or dacron line between
the winds (actually any synthetic twine-like string or line will
do). I'd stay away from any natural materials such as cotton
since they might absorb moisture.

The inductor of my antenna tuner looked awful because the spacing
between the winds varied so much. Now with dacron line laid in the
space between the winds they're much more uniform.

If you wind your inductors on those donut-shaped things that have
gotten popular (torus? toroid?) this idea probably won't work; all
my inductors are air-core on cardboard forms.

This idea came from a transmitter article in the March 1932 issue
of QST (yes, 1932! Thanks Bob NA4G for that article).

.73 from Hawaii,
Jeff NH6IL

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