Re: QRP for starting ham


From: Michael Silva (
Date: Sat Sep 24 1994 - 15:50:19 EDT

I think some recent comments on the inadvisability of QRP for a
beginning ham have overstated the difficulties involved. I'll bet
very few of us, in fact, very few hams throughout our history, first
went on the air with a 100+ watt rig. I started at about 5-10 watts,
because that's what I could afford to build. Unless things have changed
drastically in twenty years (always a possibility, I suppose!) a new
ham is probably delighted to just collect states for a while, which is
easy enough with almost any rig. I just don't remember that
frustration that others speak of, probably because I didn't expect
*anyone* would hear me!

What I would emphasize to a new ham is (a) the importance of a good
receiver, and a good antenna, and (b) the value of building skills
and confidence with "easy" contacts before going after the tough
ones. For the rest of us, I hope we all make sure to spend some time
on the Novice bands to help the new folks along.

Mike, KK6GM


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