ceramic resonator source for Epiphyte.


From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@CBA.Kodak.COM)
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 10:25:17 EDT

Hi all, I have been having a blast with the Epiphyte rig that I built.
The only hang up is that right now, with the 4.19 MHz ceramic resonator,
I can only tune the extra portion of the ham band, and below to where
all you lucky people with v at the beginning of the callsign can go..
anyway, I could probably order some of the ceramic resonators from mu-rata
but is there an existing source of these other than the standard 4.19 MHz
frequency??, something like 4. 3 MHZ???
I would like to get ahold of some of these so that our local club could build
the project without modifying the rig to use a vfo.
73 Brad WB8YGG
P.S. I am having so much fun with the Epiphyte, my CW skills have slipped
at least down to cp-60 or so.. :-) just kidding...
I am getting 20 db over nine reports with my simple dipole and a 5w amp..

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