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From: prvalko (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 08:42:39 EDT

On Tue, 20 Sep 1994 wrote:

> I am looking for an Argo 509 in reasonably good condition (it does not need

:-) aren't we ALL?! :-)

> Price DOES matter. People are getting absolutely crazy on prices for
> used T-T QRP gear. Looking for somehting around the $150-175 price range.

I would think anyone selling a 509 for $150 would be the guy who was
crazy. Consider for a moment the MFJ90xx series of QRP *CW ONLY* radios
selling for $160 discounted. The Ten*Tec is CW/SSB and 5 Bands! NOBODY
even comes close to making a radio like this at that price now-a-days.
It is supply and demand in the classic example.

This is not to defend (myself) people that are asking "crazy" prices for
used QRP gear. My equipment is not even for sale, I don't even consider
selling it, not because of it's "collectability" status but because I
looked for that gear for YEARS before I even FOUND it.

I believe a LOT of older equipment is going this same way. People are
buying it up and keeping it, whether it gets used or not. We all posted
inventories a couple weeks back, though it may seem silly, I use every
one of MY 8 QRP rigs at least once a month, and I never fail to smile
when I glance at that stack of Power Mites in the corner because it
represents a goal I set almost 15 years ago, and finally met this spring.

Once you get your mits on a 509, you will really understand the appeal of
that rig. I also doubt you will be hot to sell it within months, and
when you DO, you will be pleasantly surprized to find that it will have
INCREASED in value.

vy 73 es Happy hunting! =paul= wb8zjl

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