Classic Radio Exchange (in the Park!)


From: SLRC1::M405142 (
Date: Wed Sep 21 1994 - 09:48:00 EDT

A group of members from the St. Louis QRP Society willset up a station in
Tilles Park on Sunday, 25 September, 1994, from 14:00CST till.... for the
purpose of portable operation. There is a local swapfest (sponsored by the
St. Peters Amateur Radio Cluc (SPARC) that moring; we will begin operation
shortly there-after. Tilles Park is located at the corner of Litszinger
Road and McKnight Road, 1/2 mile south of Hwy 40-64, and 1 mile west of
the 'interbelt' Hwy I-170. We will be at a picnic table, and have a
SLQS sign. Anyone in the area is welcome to join us, or look for:
NF0R, N0XEU, N0OCT, WA0OUI, KC0PP... on the air. This is an informal
event, just to get us outta the 'shack to (and I quote NF0R), 'Go
play radio!'.

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