PopElec 50 MHz counter


From: karayan (karayan@itc.cc.bellcore.com)
Date: Tue Sep 20 1994 - 18:01:57 EDT

Hi gang! Well, as soon as I read the article posted about the 50 MHz counter, I
ran and bought a copy of Popular Electronics. Indeed, it looks like a good and
easy project. However, I have a couple of questions:

1) What I'd like to use it for is in combination with an SWR analyzer. I'm too
poor to buy the MFJ analyzer with built-in freq counter. I thought of buying
the cheap analyzer ($80? - anyone knows where I can find a used one?) and
combine it with the freq counter. The article states that above 2 MHz,
sensitivity is about 800mV. Is that sensitive enough for the output of the MFJ
SWR analyzer?

2) I figured that the total cost for the counter, if I buy the kit advertized,
is $50. Is that a good price for a freq counter?

Thanks in advance.

de N2OWO
(In real life: George Karayannopoulos)

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