QRP Digital (was Re:Flaming of K5FO)


From: Stephen Trier (sct@po.cwru.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 21:18:57 EDT

> QRP'ers, and the members of this list, are some of the most considerate
> and open minded people I have met. While we do operate CW heavily,
> I have yet to see the kind of 'CW vs Digital' comments in the tone that
> you refer to.

Actually, QRP digital sounds kind of interesting! It seems to me that
there is lots of room for QRP-style digital rigs, assuming the power
limit isn't a major problem for digital comms. How about a monoband QRP
rig with an integrated RTTY modem? A laptop or one of those "handy
terminals" that show up in surplus could be the terminal.

Has anyone tried something like this? Eric, is your digital operation


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