MFJ Response to Low Down Review - Pg.2


Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 19:47:59 EDT


The MFJ-9040 is one of my favorite radios, and I certainly want everybody who
owns one to enjoy it fully. If any of your readers are experiencing a drift
problem, they should contact MFJ right away and get it fixed. The service
technicians now know the exact cause, and know what to do to make it right!

Thanks for working with us, and congratulations on a great club!



Rick also gave his address for any technical questions he might answer with
respect to the 9040. Do not send any rigs to Rick. His address is 109A
McDaniel Shore Dr., Barrington, NH 03825.

Our intent, when publishing the product review, was not to cause any hardship
to MFJ, but to strengthen not only MFJ, but all other U.S. manufacturers and
suppliers by improving their quality control. So far Japan has not entered
the QRP kit field. Let's keep it that way with strong, quality American

72, Rich W0HEP
Colorado QRP Club

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