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From: Wayne Burdick (
Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 19:04:42 EDT


Thanks for the note. Well, the road is always rockier than you think it
will be. We've had to change tires and shocks a couple of times, and
there's an inch of dust on the hood, but the road looks clear ahead ....
(jeez, end of metaphor...)

Here's the actual scoop. A handful of parts that we thought were
off-the-shelf from Mouser and Digikey turned out to be long lead-time. So
we cancelled those and re-ordered things that are in stock and functionally
identical. Also, in one case we had to go to a local surplus house (no one
else has 2 pF disc caps available until December!).

Jim Cates expects these last few parts in by next week. Mean time, he has
put all of the other parts into the kits, so once he gets that last batch,
he'll be shipping. He has a NorCal-40-proven technique: set up one paper
cup for each kit, and go down the line plopping parts into each kit. This
is easier than putting the parts right into a ziplock bag.

The shipping order is the same as the order of checks received, with a
couple moved up because they're "early evaluators," including QRPp's
technical editor, Eric Schwartz, and myself. This will help get the bugs
out before everyone gets theirs. Jim thinks he'll ship them all by the end
of the month, but he's a known, unabashed optimist. Wish you guys could
all meet him. He's the world's only 70-plus-year-old purchasing agent and
kit manufacturer!

Our other kitter is Bob Dyer. He's well into kitting the band modules,
now, lacking only a couple of the aforementioned parts. He's putting in
four or five hours a day--after all, there are 500+ band module kits to

The manual is 47 pages. I added a lot of philosophy and design detail that
will help people if they want to do their own rigs from scratch. A chunk
of the manual will be rehashed as a QRPp article, for those who didn't
order the rig.
I'm also finishing up an addendum with a couple of tweaks that didn't make
it into the manual, along with some corrections for things that did (and
shouldn't have).

I think you're right: we're breaking new ground here. This is one collosal
project, but rewarding. Hang in there.


>I, and I think others would enjoy an update on the Sierra Project. I
>assume the first group have been shipped but how many on your second
>level list and what are the plans for second level distribution, etc.
>You guys are making new trail here and I feel it is very interesting.
>Your "time to Market" is much less that similar groups and I hope will be
>the way to the future for ham radio project kits.
>As always, a great job and please keep it up and ignore the whiners.
>72, Bob KI0G

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