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From: Alan Kaul (kaul@netcom.com)
Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 05:28:07 EDT

Hiya ...
        Got the Norcal 40 finished today--and love it!
        Slight problem -- I used a MPF102 I had on hand for the VFO --
                turned out to be extremely dead. Replaced that, and the
                rig worked right off! I did improvise the VFO coil, however.
                Parts supplier said on the phone he had the T-68-7 form.
                I confirmed order by mail and sent a check -- spelling out
                the T-68. He shipped me a T-50. So rather than hassle it (I
                suspected he didn't have any T-68's on hand) I used the
                handbook formula and discovered about 70-turns on the T-50
                should do the trick. I wound one and using #28 wire, filled
                the form at about 55-turns. So dropped down to #30 turns, put
                70 turns on the form and it fired right up. I should
                have used 71, because I can only get down to about 7.005 mHz!
                Anyway, I trimmed it to operate 7.009-7.043 and am using the
                7.023 spur to remind me I'm in the band. I may add the
                trap mod suggested by Wayne.

                Xmtr loads to 1.5-2.0 W using nominal Nicad pack putting
                about 13.8 V. Listened late tonight, hear some East
                Coasters and Central States and Canada folks, and a
                couple of JA's. Plus XE1. Couldn't work anyone tonight
                though -- will try again tomorrow and/or in Saturday's contest.

                Terrific design WAYNE. Rcvr sounds great. I like the
                smoooooth tuning dial -- almost like a big flywheel.
                Mods probably to follow (LED battery on, maybe a keyer,
                maybe frequency switch).

My QRP inventory then:

        Norcal 40
        Icom 725 and Kenwood TS-430 with the homebrew blackbox
                that'll use negative voltage to ALC input to drop power
                output to milliwatts
        Several Two-fers (trying to modify one for 3-band operation--
                anyone do that yet? Or won't it broadband well??)
        Herring Aid 5 rcvr (circa 1976) [QST]
        Universal DC Rcvr (circa 1979) [QST]
        Universal Xmtr (circa 1980) + 'Barbados' Superhet [QST] in a
                single box which has seen action in KL7, KH6, 6Y5, JY9
                (worked about 85 countries w/ 5 Watts from JY -- where the
                callsign was worth about 10 dB!!!!)
        And uncompleted versions of Neophyte Rcvr, Kanga LCK Rcvr (which I'm
                trying to tri-band in combination with one of above mentioned
        Radio Shack's 10m xcvr (forget the designator)
        Converted Lafayette SSB-75 (ex-11m rig now on 10m!)
        Plus a shack full of dreams!

Hope to see you Saturday! 72 de alan

                     [<Alan Kaul, W6RCL>] kaul@netcom.com

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