From: Doug Hendricks (dh@deneb.csustan.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 04:26:17 EDT

Several of us on the net have posted lists of our prized QRP gear. This list
is from Jim Cates, WA6GER. Jim is the co-founder of NorCal QRP Club, and is
quite a collector of QRP gear. When he says mint, it means that it looks
like it just came out of the box. I asked him to send me the list on packet
so that I could post it to the net, as Jim is not on internet. Many of you
know Jim, and I think will be interested in his gear. If you have comments
for Jim, send them to me and I will relay them to him. 72, Doug, KI6DS
Well, I haven't checked the attic nor the shop/shack nor the metal shed, but
here are the rigs I can recall from my position in the Lazy Boy recliner.
On the operating console: (1.) Three NorCal Forties, one from the kit,
two from left over and junk box parts. (2)HW-7, (3) HW-8, (4) A & A Eng. 20
mtr QRP xcvr. (5) Index Labs QRP Plus. (6) MFJ 9040 Integrated Station
(rig, tuner,pwr/supply charger. Comes with portable dipole. I added the
nicads). (7) Ten Tec PM2A, mint. (8) Argonaut 509, mint with AC5 tuner,
206 xtal cal., 208 CW filter,Argo power supply. all mint, also. (9) Argonaut
515, mint, with Ten Tec mike and 529 tuner, mint. (10) Mizuho 10 mtr
SSB/CW HT. (ll) Spider SP-1. (12) Digitrex MPX Mini. (13) Mizuho DC7X
(40 mtr xcvr, 2 watts). (14) OHR HP QRP 40 mtr xcvr. mint. (15) Ditto the 30
meter version. (16) HW9, mint, with matching tuner and matching wattmeter.
Mint. (17) Yaesu FT-301S, QRP version of that series, with companion
tuner/wattmeter and monitor scope. (18)Tech. 20 meter QRP xmtr.
     Moving right along...I only have two commercial QRP wattmeters, the
OHR and a Welz SP 225 (5-15-150 watt scales)...I am hoping someone on
Internet will take pity on this and sell me a Welz RP-120. Hey, I R serious,
so don't snicker!
     In the shop/shack I have...oh, on the console I also have a Knwd 680
which I use when 5w RTTY from the Yaesu won't hack it to Idaho Falls, and a
recently acquired 120-S, which is like a new toy. It will go on the block
     OK, in the shop/shack I have a mint Century-21 which has been
calibrated in 1 watt increments, one to five. But I often cheat and run it
full bore, about 20 watts. Also have there a pair of homebrew transmitters,
one with a 2N3866 final, the other a 250mw TTL rig from a 73 article.
     I have four spare HW-8's just in case, hi hi, plus one junker, and a
spare HW-7 plus one junker. Incidentally....the HW-7 on the console has all
the QST mods.
     Have a few unbuilt kits, an HW-8 and an HW-9 in the Heath boxes, and
NN1G xcvr kit, a 40-40 kit, an HW-9 wattmeter, and a NorCal-40 which was a
"buy-back" I had forgotten all about. The case has been painted (nice job)
and the panels painted and silkscreened. Finally, when all the parts finally
come in, I will have an unbuilt Sierra kit. As soon as I've bagged, boxed and
shipped, will have a built Sierra. hi
     Rounding out the stuff is a Uniden 2600 on the table, unused, of course. Oops! almost forgot, have a Fireball with the 10 and 15 meter modules.
     Wonder what else I've forgotten.
Always looking for anything QRP that I don't have, rigs, literature. I do
have most of the books, including a mintcopy of "The Joy of QRP." But Geeez!
how gross, no RP-120. Poor jim. Alas, alas. How sad......72/73..jim

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