Re: Cures for key fright?


From: Tom King (
Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 03:56:18 EDT

Regarding your "key fright"--you just have to jump right on in and make a fool
out of yourself, just as the rest of the experienced QSOers you hear had to do.
Hams are very supportive of newcomers and will work with you. You may even
make some new lifelong friends. I passed my 13 wpm code test very quickly
not because I listened to code tapes, but because I got involved in QSOs.
You can get some other hams you know on the air and pick a private frequency
to practice sending on the air if you'd feel more comfortable. Don't give up.
Coded novices seem to be a dying breed. I'm an advanced now, but TOO SCARED
TO GO FOR MY 20wpm!! 73, Marina King, KA6JWL

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