Re:Flaming of K5FO


From: Eric Swartz WA6HHQ (
Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 02:28:39 EDT

To Jim (VE3XJ),

Your comments regarding digital frequency allocations in the
international arena vs. QRP operating freq's are well taken. We
need to cooperate with those other modes of operation that also
have a need to operate in the same area as we QRP'ers.

BUT, your tone and rudeness towards Chuck and towards the QRP group
in general is TOTALLY out of place. To jump into what was a simple
comment on inteference from digital operations and to react to it
in the personal and outrageous manner that you did simply shows
that you have no concept of what both QRP in general, and this list
in particular are all about. Chuck's comments regarding getting the
call signs of the digital op's were well intentioned and certaily
not out of line, given that he believed that the digital guys were
out of their 'band'.

QRP'ers, and the members of this list, are some of the most considerate
and open minded people I have met. While we do operate CW heavily,
I have yet to see the kind of 'CW vs Digital' comments in the tone that
you refer to. Sure, some of us feel CW is the 'only' way to go, but we
generally don't beat others over the head with our opinions, as you have
obviously been taught to do!

We do value differing opinions. Again, your actual points were
a good starting point for discussion, but please leave your poor
attitude and manners at the door when you check into this list.

(Plus, you owe Chuck an apololgy.)

..._._ _.. .
Eric, WA6HHQ (Who also operates Digital and even QRO SSB from
               time to time....)


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