Jim's comments


From: Jeffrey Herman (jeffrey@math.hawaii.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 15 1994 - 02:13:09 EDT

>For what reason would Adams wish to broadcast the name or callsign of the
>station? Since he admits that it's legal, what does he hope to
>accomplish? Quite frankly, a couple of good doses of castor oil would go
>a much longer way in relieving his painful gluteus maximus.
>73 and live better digitally
>Jim Cummings, VE3XJ

Looks like Chuck hit a nerve. Too bad for Jim.

I guess it's time for the every-6-month scolding for the newcomers.
(Listen up, Jim)

A mail list is a *very* private system in which every article goes
into our private mailbox accounts; this is very different from
a newsgroup! One always has the option of reading or skipping
the articles of a newsgroup but we have no such option with our
mail, for your article is mixed with our business emails, emails
from our students, office memos, et al. When we accepted your subscription
request to this list the implication was that you should refrain from
straying outside the subject area of the list, and that you should
be on your best behavior to remain on the list (you can be dropped
at any time). Flames are NOT welcome on the net but should instead
be directed via email directly to the person you're upset with.

QRP'ers generally use CW and thus Chuck's comment was very timely,
for, all of us should be concerned with the encroachment of the
QRO digital machines (which are on auto pilot - ever hear one
send `QRL?' ?) If this kind of discussion bothers you then maybe
you should consider unsubscribing.

Now, to abide by the list's policy here's something QRP-related:
If anyone needs a KH6 contact let's set up a 30M sked. I`ve
finally got all the bugs out of my 30M rig. It's xtal'd on
a weird frequency: 10.140 Mc (found the xtal in the junk box).

Jeff NH6IL

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