Re: R2/T2 order info ??


From: Ray Anderson (Raymond.Anderson@EBay.Sun.COM)
Date: Tue Sep 13 1994 - 22:11:08 EDT

> Ray,
                ... paragraph deleted ...

> I would be interested in what you come up with for the LO/VFO that you are
> working on. Pass information on to me directly or through this list. I
> think about 50 or 60 people ordered the R2/T2 kits, so there would be
> sufficient interest.
> 73s de Mark, NK8Q/3

        Since it seems that the greatest # of people are interested in a
40 meter version of the INET rig, I decided to start on a 40 meter circuit
first, but to make the design easy to modify for other HF bands.

        I have come up with a few preliminary designs based on a VFO
running at 4 X the desired output freq. There will be a digital quadrature
generation circuit comprised of a single dual D flip-flop that should
function over most of the HF bands (I hope). I am initially going to
try 74S and/or 74F series logic, but may need to go ECL stuff for the higher
bands. I layed out a PCB pattern last nite for the TTL quadrature circuit.

        Right now I am looking at a variant of a Vackar oscillator with
varactor tuning. (I don't like mechanical tuning caps). We'll see how that
turns out as far as stability and phase noise goes.

        Anyway, I post updates as I make progress.

        72's de Ray WB6TPU

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