No QRPp yet! SOB!!


From: Bill Meahan (
Date: Tue Sep 13 1994 - 21:01:30 EDT

Anybody else in Michigan get their September QRPp yet? I joined NorCal
in late March, got the March and June issues and have heard nothing
since. Is the Westland, Michigan post office really a front for the
"Life is too short for QRP" crowd? Is some postal employee drooling
with joy over the SSB projects? Or perhaps using my QRPp for target

Is membership in NorCal on a fixed yearly schedule (e.g. "everybody's
term expires on September 1") and I'm out without knowing it?

Any encouragement welcomed!

Bill Meahan WA8TZG         
Member of:  ARRL, IMRA, NorCal QRP, G-QRP, IEEE Computer Society
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