Re: Using a dipole as a vertical


From: Scott Cranston (
Date: Tue Sep 13 1994 - 10:48:57 EDT

This idea is from an article in a old CQ magazine (back when it was in
5"x7" format)....

Cut a single piece of coax to the length of a 1/2 wave dipole at the frequency
needed plus some additional length for the feedline. From one end, carefully
remove the coax outer insulation for a length equal to half that of the length
of the dipole (1/4 wavelength). Take the exposed shield/braid (starting
from the end) and fully fold/roll it back over itself and over the section
of coax that still has the outer insulation. On the exposed end of the
center conductor crimp and solder on a screw lug for connecting a rope to hang
it from.

|- feedline --|------------------- 1/2 wavelength ---------------------|

                |------ 1/4 wavelength ----|


 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
coax with braid folded back over the coax center conductor only
outer section of coax that still
insulation and has the outer insulation.
connector on

When made from RG58 (or RG8X) this rolls up and packs well and hangs
vertically nicely and you don't have the problem of hanging the feedline
out perpendicular for some distance. You can hang it verticaly either
way... for example out a hotel window with the feedline at the top.
You could probably make a really light weight one from RG170, but
I've never tried this.

This is from memory, if you want I could dig out the article and try
scanning it?


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