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From: Dave Kelley (
Date: Tue Sep 13 1994 - 00:07:41 EDT


A few years back I was a proud owner of an HW-9. I'd owned an HW-7 and
and HW-8 before that. Thinking I would enjoy building another one someday
I sold the HW-9 I had. Then the unthinkable happened...Heath stopped
making it. I felt like my dog had been run over.

Oh yes..the question. Don't laugh. Does anyone have an HW-9 they
would like to part with. I see lists as long as my arm with dozens
of fine radios in each shack. Surely someone out there would LOVE to
find a good loving home for one of their radios...yes, the little
green one..that's it. Maybe you need some equipment...let me know what
you might need in trade?

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