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From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Wed Aug 31 1994 - 12:42:50 EDT


A thousand thanks to Bruce Walker, WT1M, of Framingham, MA
and to Thinking Machines for the more than one year support
of the QRP mail service.

It is my belief that this service has brought together some
of the greatest minds in the QRP world - both technically
and operationally. Minds like N6KR, AA2U, and others who
share ideas, feelings, and the tremendous amount of help
that we have all gotten for others in this group.

We have seen the birth of a club, Northern California QRP Club,
and it's tremendous and rapid growth from a handful of
dedicated guys to over 700 members WORLDWIDE. Along with
two successful kit projects for designs by Wayne Burdick,
N6KR. It gives me chills thinking about it.

Congratulations to the group to maintaining a high level
of civility (sp?) and keeping the flame wars below the noise
level, which is very very low for this group.

I'm sure that we all look forward to many more years of
discussions on how terrible the propagation is until the
sunspots come back, how to really get a SSB rig for $20
to work ( :-) ) and a CW rig for only $5 that has solid-
state QSK at 70wpm and 0Hz drift in a blizzard in Fairbanks

Thanks to Mike Ardai, N1IST, for taking over the high dollar
job of maintaining this group. We are most appreciative.

dit dit

p.s. Bruce Walker, I owe you dinner for you and yours the
      next time I'm in the Boston area, or you come through
      Dallas. At the restaurant of your choice (in that city).
      :-) No dinner at the Hilton in Honolulu and a plane
      ticket to same. :-) Again many thanks.
Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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