R2/T2 Kit update


From: N8ET@delphi.com
Date: Wed Aug 31 1994 - 02:03:06 EDT

I called Mouser today - The last part "is in the mail" and should be here
tomorrow. Shipping should start this week for the R2 and the T2.
    Rick is picking up the new run of R1 boards tomorrow, and I should have
some in hand in the next week or so. The R1 board has a couple of minor
upgrades on it. He is stuffing a couple of miniR2 boards and will be getting
me the proper part numbers for the miniR2 so I can get that one underway
also, so for those of you that have ordered the R1 or the miniR2, there is
    Lastly - for those of you putting your own together - it was pointed out
to me tonight that Digi-Key no longer supplies the NE5514. Use a TL-084 in
it's place. An LM 324 will work, but not as well.

72/73 - Bill - N8ET
Kanga US

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