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From: Ray Anderson (Raymond.Anderson@EBay.Sun.COM)
Date: Sat Aug 20 1994 - 00:00:00 EDT

Mont km6wt wrote:

                ... original post deleted ...

>I disagree. I think the intention was to see if there was any interest
>in reproducing an Hw-8, not as a replacement for the i'net rig, but in
>addition to it. Some may not be interested in doing a new design, but
>may be interested in sharing in the fun that other owners of hw-8s are
>having and have some fun putting together a tried and tested rig.

>As a group we can have many goals. We don't have to all be tied down
>to only one goal or project do we?!

        Multiple goals/subroups is good. I interpreted the original
        HW-8 proposal as either/or. I guess there were/are other ways
        to interpret the comments.

        Also I interpreted it as a proposal to just clone the original.
        I am still opposed to a straight clone job, however a relayout
        incorporating a bunch of popular mods people have developed over
        the years would definitely be worthwhile.

                ... original post deleted ...

>Again I disagree. I would absolutely love to see a very high tech rig
>in kit form. In fact, I sorta felt like that was one of the goals for
>the i'net rig development. It would be in modular form, some could opt
>for simpler module designs while others implemented dds vfos, digital
>voice processing, computer display/driven functions, etc.

>Sorry if this sounds anything like a flame, it is not meant to, it's just
>my 2 sense worth... :) I hope both projects are very successful. I'd love
>to get an hw-8 clone kit with improved receiver design (just include the
>mod instructions with the kit for those of us who want it) while waiting
>for the high tech version of the i'net rig to jell (or is it gel)..

>Mont Pierce

        Why disagree? I think this is what I was supporting. A state of
        the art rig that had the flexibility to be built with as many
        or as few hi-tech enhancements as the builders skill and/or
        wallet would allow. Again I interpreted the original comments
        to advocate a more or less straight across cloning of an existing
        piece of commercial equipment. Perhaps I should have taken a
        deep breath and a step back before posting.

        So perhaps the group should be thinking about multiple development
        groups to create 2 (or more) rigs :
                        The I'net Lo-tech
                        The I'net Hi-tech


        Your comments were appreciated. Didn't see any flames on this end :)
        I'm still agitating to get this thing moving. It appears that
        the group effort has stalled somewhat. Perhaps I'll just start
        on a sub module like a front end or and IF amp myself to get the
        ball rolling.

73's de WB6TPU, Ray


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