Blather about digital


Date: Sat Aug 20 1994 - 00:00:00 EDT

I'm almost tempted to drop into my tongue retracted down
home accent and rage on about how I "wartch Store Treek
'cause'n it has all 'at scientific an' yew needs ta keep
up on 'em scientifics jus'ta stay aheayid in thiyis world"
but I won't. I'll just say this:
  Obviously the editorial about digital intrusions into
the safe QRP nest hit home. I just spent the evening
listening to RTTY conversations going full bore, side by
side, all at once from 7035 to 7045. All those QSOs
could have gone in one package of multiplex rtty at 85 Hz
each. But no, they were spread out across a chunk of the
spectrum to which QRPers have somehow set claim.
  Talk about flame shields up! We made enough rtty guys
(just rtty guys, mind you... we're not talking about packet
or amtor or whatevertor yet) angry enough to pull up stakes
from a suddenly very unpopulated section of band space and
move in on the "QRP band." And yes, the rest of the band
was noticeably silent between 7050 and 7100, at least as
far as rtty is concerned.
  So what's the beef? Well, to quote from my favorite
octogenarian ex-junky, here's the set up: About 11 years
ago, somewhere in the middle of the last maximum, I turned
off the radio and took up printing. I felt that ham radio
had become a land of louts and loudmouths who felt that
they by gawd owned the spectrum and it was their right to
screw it up as they saw fit. All I could find on the air
were people prating on about their amplifiers, their antenna
installations, their money and fast cars and fast women and
high power and on and on and on. I wondered if the size of
their antennas was inversely proportional to their sense
of gender orientation, but I let that idea slide.
  Tonight I am sure. The radios are off. CWIST will do
without my two different straight keys, one of them 3 year
older than me. I've learned my lesson. Gentlemen and their
agreements went the way of the dinosaur and the pterodactyl
years ago. I guess it's time to clean up the Intertype machine
and get back to people who can communicate.
  Have a nice day in digit land.

and the license comes up for renewal in '95. should I hold
my breath?


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