Questions about SPRAT & almost no answers


Date: Tue Jul 05 1994 - 20:38:57 EDT

I got a piece of email from someone... no a couple
people, now that I think of it, asking me about SPRAT.
They wanted to know how much it cost and who to contact.
Well, that'd be easy except that the last issue of
SPRAT that I have (yeah, I found the last one, #78,
Spring '94) carried an obit about Luke Dodds, W5HKA,
who, until his death, was the contact person for the
publisher, the G-QRP club. So how do I answer the questions?

I turn it loose to the list readership, that's what I do.
But I can say that SPRAT is probably the best "little
magazine" on QRP since the glorious days of "The Milliwatt."
It costs $12 a year for us seditious inhabitants of the
rebel colonies and that money also pays for membership in
the G-QRP Club. It's worth it. It's worth it, trust me.
Discuss among yourselves. I'm outta here.

Nils R. B. Young
WB8IJN & Caudillo of
The Grinnin' Turkey Ranch,
Founded in 1974 by two really
weird people, one of whom tolerates
the irrational devotion to radio that
marks the other. Go figure. If we were
in Argentina, it'd be "La Estancia de los
Guajalotes Sonrientes." Adios, che!

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