Power Mite Questions


From: prvalko (prvalko@vela.acs.oakland.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 27 1994 - 23:14:15 EDT

Hello Again Everyone.

I have quite a collection of those goofy Ten*Tec Power Mites and that
brings up a few questions. If *YOU* have, or know someone who has one of
the little devils, please check into the following...

1) DID the Power Mite 1 *ever* include a case? I always understood that
    the PM-1 was a simple stamped chassis, yet my PM-1 HAS side panels
    and a top panel.

2) What do the knobs and tuning dial look like on a PM-3? I have two of
    these (incredible, but true!) one is the PM-3A, the other is the "B"
    version. The "B" version is supposed to just have a semi-break in
    keying feature to make it different. MY PM-3B has the same front
    knobs as my Ten*Tec Argonaut 505. The PM-3A has the same knobs as
    the PM-1 and PM-2.

3) Anybody have a manual for a PM-1? How about a PM-2B manual? I have
    a manual for the PM-2A but don't own one of those (yet <BG>).

I'd sincerely like to hear from ANYONE else who has one of these hidden
in your closet. I'd also like to thank the folks that have been so kind
as to forward my messages on to other PM owners.

73 =paul= wb8zjl

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