QSL Cards


From: Jeffrey Herman (jeffrey@math.hawaii.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 27 1994 - 19:01:30 EDT

No need for any ham to be without a supply of QSL cards. My cards come
from one of the hundreds of tourist shops down in Waikiki. I buy many
different postcards: sunsets, beaches, topless Hawaiian girls, sailboats
sailing on the ocean, airplane-view of the island, et cetera; only about
10 cents each. I'll write my callsign with a felt-tipped pen up in the
corner, and the QSL info on the back.

So if you are without cards find a cheap supplier of post cards, and get
a black felt pen and you're done.

Oh, I always ask the other op if he wants a G-rated or R-rated card (which
is the topless Hawaiian girl)... The general response is ``The XYL
will get mad - better send the G-rated card''.

Jeff NH6IL

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