Field Day


From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Mon Jun 27 1994 - 10:25:19 EDT


hope eveyone enjoyed Field Day. Our University club made a
decidsion that it was more important for the prospective hams and
new hams to get interested and operate and learn, than to stack up

I decided this was a good opportunity to put some of my newer rigs
through their paces. I was VERY impressed with how well the MFJ
20m SSB performed.. with no extra filtering.. had no problem
working anyone I heard.

I also was impressed with the performance of the Oak Hills Classic
on both 20 and 40.. seemed to really get through and the
selectivity was great.. also used it with no additional filtering.
The ARK 4 did real well.. kept the audio filter in the narrow
position (but I always do.. did the newest mod on it without
blowing up anything).. for some reason.. the Classic seemed to get
through a little better than the ARK4.. maybe voodoo or just
luck.. but that is the way it worked.


Jeff, AC4HF

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