T-368 transistorization


From: rohrwerk@holonet.net
Date: Mon Jun 27 1994 - 00:31:32 EDT

Here's my periodic plug for transistorizing the T-368 for homebrew use.

It's a beautiful (and bulky, but this is the reason for its stability) 1950's
piece of Collins military gear. A 1.5 to 3 MHz PTO, doublers to go to 3-6, 6-
12, and 12-24 MHz, and a driver tube. And a mechanical digital readout with
very tight gearing -- no backlash even when multiplied 8 times! Real stable
even in its tube state -- and transistorized, this baby won't move! You can
get them, I last heard, for $45 from Fair Radio Sales. One of the most useful
pieces of military surplus gear for today's use!

Since building a more compact VFO/transmitter for portable use, I can
appreciate how incredibly stable the T-368 is. Even following all the
precautions the books tell you, with my professional musical ear, I can hear
the drift in my homebrew job. Going back to the old/reworked T-368, even on
its top range, I feel like I can hold my own with any synthesized rig.

I have 14K of text about my transistorization and RIT modifications. Lemme
know if you want it.

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