Big Gel Cells at Sears (fwd)


From: Harry Bloomberg (
Date: Mon Jun 20 1994 - 12:46:51 EDT

> I noticed in the Sear battery ad in the Seattle Times that they are now
> carrying a large capacity gel cell. Its marked as a wheelchair battery, U-1
> size (anyone know what that means). Priced in around $65 (with trade-in?).
   Do you happen to know the capacity of this cell?

   Another good value at Sears is their largest marine battery. This
beast weighs over 70 pounds and is rated at 140 AH! With 30 watts of
solar panels attached to it we ran all of last year's Field Day at
50-100 watts of CW. When our club purchased one a few years ago, the price
was around $70.

   After using the marine battery and solar panels at the last three
Field Days, I have decided that I will never go back to using gas
generators. Batteries are silent and don't emit noxious odors, two
characteristics that are important if your FD is in a public place.

Harry Bloomberg WA3TBL

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