Date: Sat Jun 18 1994 - 20:09:06 EDT

Someone recently mentioned CW Crystals on the net (Sorry -- don't recall
who it was now). Anyway, I had tried to order some xtals from them over a
year ago, using the same address I had used previously, but all correspondence
was returned by USPS. Also no luck with Directory Assistance. Anyway, I
sent the gentleman a note asking for the current address of CW Crystals,
and today I received, via USPS, a price sheet and order form direct from
CWC. Either that is a very weird coincidence, or someone out there was
very thoughtful...and considering the prompt reply, it probably cost them
a telephone call too! Thanks! Thanks! What a great group! (Just wish I
could remember who it was...) 73, Bill, KR8L/7 (

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