Re:Index Labs QRP+


Date: Wed Jun 08 1994 - 09:23:47 EDT

In yesterday's edition, WB0GAZ wrote:


>I called them and discovered it has no noise blanker (=no sale for >me)
>I did not ask about computer remote control (i.e., RS-232 port).
>I did not ask about shipping schedule. (lack of NB killed it >immediately
for me)

I response to the above, I have the rig and have been using it for almost two
weeks. A noise blanker would have been nice, but NOT having one has not been
a problem. I have yet to have had a occasion to use an NB.

It does not have a remote computer control port, and I am not sure why you
would want to have one in this type of rig. But to each his/her own.

Time to ship was about nine days, but they may have caught up by now.

This is the best QRP rig I have ever owned or used.

Duffy -- de -- WB8NUT

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