QRP Leader defined


From: Bob Gobrick WA6ERB (70466.1405@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri May 27 1994 - 15:47:51 EDT

TO: >INTERNET:qrp@think.com

What's this nonsense from our fearless QRP list administrator
Bruce WT1M saying that "he is not a leader, just a follower"
after he courageously sold off all of his QRO gear and devoting
himself exclusively to QRP. Wooow - that sounds like a Leader to

I still have withdrawals when I even think of selling off my QRO
gear. What if we get sucked into an astronomical black hole and
the only way to communicate is with a kilowatt. On my scout's
honour I am going to be prepared, just in case a kilowatt becomes
the next QRP standard.

By the way - thanks Bruce for inspiring us followers with your
QRO Purge and of course you administration of the QRP list ;-)


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