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Date: Fri May 27 1994 - 15:47:09 EDT

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K5FO's QRP NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 Number 1 - May 1994
Low Power Review by Bob Gobrick VO1DRB/WA6ERB

I just had the opportunity this past weekend to pick up my mail
and lo and behold there was the inaugural issue of K5FO's QRP
Newsletter. 20 pages wrapped in an orange coloured cover with an
outline of the State of Texas, complete with key and microphone,
sorta hints of the flavour of this magazine. And yes, this
publication does come from the big state of Texas - noted on the
second page where Chuck (Mr. K5FO) says he uses a Texas
Instrument PostScript printer and TEX public domain software.

Chuck's QRP newsletter is unique - well maybe unique is too mild
a word. Besides the well done editorial on QRP topics and
reviews of new rigs on the market there are some new topic
headings that I've NEVER seen before in a publication of this
type - like "University - Part 1 of N" with a reading assignment
and test questions to be answered before the next issue arrives,
"Line of Sight", for measuring QRP distance records, "CW
Operation", Phillips-Adams Code (CW abbreviations) and more.
This is truly a unique QRP publication.

Complaints - well let's just say first issue misses. Chuck
forgot to list the address and dues for the publication (maybe
he's concerned about the Feds finding out about his non-profit
business). Looking back through the QRP Digest, you can send
letters to the editor via Twilight Publishing Co., 1301 West
Highway 407, Suite 353; Lewisville TX 75067. Also Chuck suggests
a US reproduction of Abe Lincoln (bank note that is) to help
cover mailing costs for the publication.

And finally, one mystery uncovered in Chuck's QRP Newsletter. Is
there a link between Chucks's discussion in his article on
"Principle of Reciprocity for QRP" and at the same time a similar
discussion in the June 1994 issue of Worldradio magazine by the
famous mystery Aerials author Kurt N. Sterba? Could Chuck be...
or maybe Kurt N. Sterba is really..... Naaaa - Sounds like too
much of a Texas Tall Tale.

Congratulations to Chuck on his first issue of "K5FO's QRP
NEWSLETTER" - I'll be looking forward to the future issues even
if I don't have my QRP University homework completed.....

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