Friend seeking rig


Date: Fri May 27 1994 - 14:28:06 EDT

QRP folks:

A friend from the local radio club called today to ask for some help
in finding an inexpensive QRP rig so he can get back into HF (he's
been inactive there since '84). CW is okay, but SSB would be nice.
Primary bands of interest include 40, 30 and 15. He can't use an
outside antenna, so he'll probably be using a random-wire of some
type, and some means of matching the rig to the wire would be helpful
(simple matchbox or random wire tuner or something).

His name is James Canaday, N6YR, and since he is a grad student here
at the University, cost is an important factor. He is also blind (I
can't recall the politically correct term), but I doubt that will
hinder him from using just about any kind of equipment.

You can contact him directly at (913) 841-1903 if you have something
you think he might be interested in, or you can e-mail me, and I'll
pass the information along.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 73 de aa0ms

Doug Heacock, KANREN User Services |
Academic Computing Services        |
The University of Kansas           |       heacock@ukanvax.bitnet
Lawrence, Kansas 66045             |        Amateur radio:  AA0MS

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