Regarding: Cut Short


Date: Thu May 26 1994 - 11:25:10 EDT

Hi to all. This is an apology to the net for causing a problem, and also
a discussion of a lesson learned, with the hope that others will not repeat
my error -- I prepared a posting off line the other day, using a text editor
that automatically puts an End-of-File marker at the end of the document.
(Didn't realize it at the time.) When I uploaded the file, the EoF marker
went with it. So, if you get the qrp digest, and read it by downloading and
then running it through a text editor or viewer, most likely your editor/
viewer will see the EoF marker and cut off the file at that point. This
should not cause a problem if you are receiving the list one item at a time,
but as I learned, it can make a mess of the digest! Fortunately, I have not
normally used that method of preparing a posting, so I don't think it has
happened more than once or twice. Well, live and learn... Again, sorry for
any inconvenience.

73, Bill, KR8L, M-98, NWQ-127, NCal-454, AMSAT-8735 (

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