OHR Kit Sale


From: Bob Gobrick WA6ERB (70466.1405@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Wed May 18 1994 - 06:26:31 EDT

TO: >INTERNET:qrp@think.com

OHR Kit Sale

As a follow up to my message on the QRP List I called up Dick Oak
Hills Research to verify Jeff Gold's AC4HF posting of the OHR kit
sale prices (Jeff - I didn't believe it either). Well believe it -
Dick said that he just wanted to move some inventory since things
have been slow. He thought it would be a good time for a sale. I
placed my order for a OHR Classic Dual Bander and matching Curtis

I talked to Dick about his units and I mentioned to him about his
use of an rf amp and Minicircuit TUF-1 diode ring mixer in the
Classic and the Spirit units vs his use of the NE-602 in his new
Explorer. He said that the front end in the Classic is the
quietest receiver that he's put out to date. It is a little more
expensive than the NE-602 front ends.

I also talked to Dick about his wattmeter. As Chuck K5FO posted a
while back her on the QRP List OHR has a new 2/20/200 watt unit
coming but the boards are not in yet. From what I understand his
wattmeter can be bought assembled (forgot to ask the price). And
finally he said that you can extend the operating range of the
wattmeter by 1. Reversing the T1 leads which requires adding some
extra length to the leads, tucking them close to the torroid and
cross wiring them in the opposite holes, 2. Dressing all cables
away from the back of the cabinet where T1 is and 3. Reversing the
meter connections. I doubt if I'm going to mod mine - what do I
care what the SWR looks like when I have the ducky on my handheld
write next to my "noodle" when I'm talking - I can use that extra
RF to "energize" me.

So that's the "scoop" direct from the scooper.


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