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From: Chuck Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Tue May 17 1994 - 21:07:22 EDT


Don't panic. OHR is not about to go out of business.
Don't start rumors. It's just a sale. :-)

The prices quoted by Jeff Gold, AC4HF, are correct
and are currently in effect. They are deals that you
just can't pass by. I've built the Sprint, Spirit,
Audio Filter, Wattmeter, and other kits from OHR.
They are by far the best in quality and performance.

I was running the Spirit on 40M at 2W for the longest
time until I jumped down to the 950 milliWatt level
for the challenge. And it is a challenge, but fun.

I was given the pricing earlier last week, but asked
not yet to publish them and I very quietly held on
to them. :-) I'm about to get ready to fire up
the Classic this week. You've seen Jeff's review
and progress reports.

I'm anxiously awaiting the Explorer.

Doug DeMaw is no longer associated with OHR.
Dick Witzke, owner and rig designer at OHR, KE8KL,
does a great job of designing and laying out his

I can take the schematics for the classic and draw
a block diagram in ascii and put a PostScript file
on Think.COM for the basic layout,
if you'd like and post here. A technical review
if you like and want to see the bandwidth of same.

Ooops, lost it off my screen, but the poster raised
a good point about competition from club projects.

If an individual had a choice between a $50-80 club
project vs. a $150-200 commercial kit with a better
performance figure, I'd think that money would probably
be an issue in a lot of cases. Then there are people
like me that will do both and some that will opt for
the higher level of receiver performance. We could
speculate on this all night and day. There is no
clear answer. That's why people do market analysis.

I know for a fact that there are over 800 (that's
not a typo) NN1G rigs in various stages of being
built and operational. We're looking at about 100
of the NE-QRP kits, 100 NorCal 40's, and the list
goes on. By the way, I made a mistake in my news-
letter and quoted the $49.95 price for Dan's Small
Parts NN1G kit. It is now $59.95 plus shipping
and handling. Between Danny and FAR Circuits,
the number of NN1G rigs has probably now outnumbered
the total number of kits that Heath sold. :-) That
would be an interesting number --- the number of HW-9s,
HW-8s, HW-7s, HW-16s, etc. they made and sold.

Does anyone have an idea how the economy is effecting
amateur radio? I've heard figures that sales for the
imports are down 50% or better. This is
an unsubstantiated figure and I doubt that we are
gonna get the true figures from anyone on this planet.
:-) What with the combo of economy and sunspot problems,
there is no surprise here. The thing that scares me is
that everyone is gonna get off the air and get in front
of the screen and ham over the internet. :-) Then the
signal to noise ratio will really go down.

Soapbox off. dit dit
Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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