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From: Bob Gobrick WA6ERB (70466.1405@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue May 17 1994 - 16:19:19 EDT

TO: >INTERNET:qrp@think.com

Oak Hills Research Kit Sale

I was shocked to see Jeff Gold's AC4HF posting on the sales
prices of the OHR kits. Is Dick over at OHR going out of
business? Dick wasn't at the Dayton QRP hospitality suite this
year - is he ill? Is the QRP kit business not profitable? Has
the New England QRP club $40 transceivers destroyed the QRP kit
market for honest business people? Was Jeff hallucinating after
getting his new OHR Classic dual bander working?

Forget those worries I'm going to get on the phone and buy a
Classic Dual Bander and maybe an Explorer. Those prices quoted
are great.

I've built the 40 meter Sprint, the QRP Wattmeter and the
Switched Capacitor Audio Filter and they have been the best
commercial kits that I've built (I'm trying to remember my last
Heath HW-9 I built). The components in OHR kits are of very high
quality and in general everything - instructions, cabinet finish,
pc boards, is first class. Also the designs are first class. I
was impressed by the upgrades that OHR made to the Sprint, which
started out life as a copy of the classic W7EL DC design. Does
Dick have Doug Demaw on his payroll? So all I can suspect is
that Dick is having a cash flow sale offering since his prices
must be near cost.

By the way (and maybe Jeff can answer this) does the OHR Classic
Dual Bander have rf amplification prior to the ring mixer (I
suspect a Minicircuits TUF-1) for each band? Also does anyone
have any comments on a front end using an rf amp and a ring diode
mixer vs the simpler (cheaper) gilbert cell type mixers (NE-602
etc)? I remember that my old Atlas 210X used a ring diode mixer
(individual components) (no rf amp though) and I thought it had a
decent front end considering the simplicity.

So what's the scoop? I'm sure the fast laners on the Infobahn
QRP List will know the real story behind this road kill sale (boy
that doesn't sound good but I liked the syntax).


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