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The New England QRP Newsletter - "72" and More..

Review and Commentary by Bob Gobrick VO1DRB/WA6ERB

The QRP Community has been happily spoiled by the number of high
quality QRP newsletters sprouting up everywhere and I'm sure some
of the credit goes to the inspirational "flow" of material
generated by the Internet QRP List. Isn't the Infobahn
phenomenal (just finished reading my first issue of "Wired"
magazine and have decided to sprinkle my writing with techno-
jargon to elevate my vocabulary above my Extra class license
level :-) ).

During the excitement of leaving for the Dayton hamvention I
picked up my April 94 issue of the New England QRP Club
newsletter "72". I just finished reading it cover-to-cover and
all that can be said is "Great Job Gang". The newsletter is done
in traditional portrait style with 13 double sided 8 1/2 x 11
pages. The NE-QRP editorial team follow a "regional" newsletter
format with a good mix of New England QRP activities (I include
Newfoundland, Canada as part of "regional" New England) and a
good number of high quality QRP technical articles.

A short sampling of the index shows the lead technical article on
the New England 40-40 and 30-40, a pair of $40 club transceiver
projects, announcements about the QRP-Hamming Bicycle tour,
Internet, NN1G Xcvr building notes, NE-QRP meetings, nets and
Officer reports (yes, officers - the New England QRP Club, in
true "Yankee" tradition, has delegated officers to spearhead the
varied club activities), a review of the QRP Plus and finally two
great technical tutorials.

Tutorials - now that's a subject forgotten about by the old time
QRPers (QRPers for more than a year) with their frenzy of
building this month's "hot" club and commercial kit offering.
The "72" editors were able to capture the essence of beginner
tutorials by these two articles. The first was a two part series
on "A Lesson in Kit Building" by James, KA0IQT dealing with all
kinds of simple ideas on building (some even the ole Heathkit
manuals didn't cover). Second, was an article by NE-QRP member
Dennis, K1LGQ on Charts & Graphs - little tidbits put in
graphical form (I noticed the little chart on Time Conversion
didn't list Newfoundland Standard time which differs by half hour
from Atlantic Standard time - oh well maybe Dennis doesn't
consider Newfoundland part of New England - I'll ask the Queen to
summon him on that).

Congratulations to the New England QRP club for a great

If you've read this far, I'm now going to change gears and ask
for your thoughts (in an open forum) on QRP newsletters. I
believe the folks on the Internet QRP List are in a good position
to evaluate and comment on the information that is presented by
the regional QRP clubs. I'll come forth and admit it - I am a
QRP information junky. I subscribe to newsletters from the ARCI,
G-QRP, New England, Northern California, Michigan, Northwest and
North Texas (K5FO) QRP Clubs as well as the day-to-day infoflow
on the Internet QRP List. I can't get enough of this addictive
stuff. I've been known to stalk out the mailman (excuse me,
mailperson) to see what NEW newsletters have arrived, so I don't
miss a thing. I'm now contemplating joining the St. Louis,
Colorado, Oklahoma, Australian, Czechoslovakia, etc. QRP clubs
for their newsletters. Is there a cure for this - HELP!!!

That brings us to the question of what services the International
QRP Club newsletters (like the G-QRP Sprat and ARCI QRP
Quarterly) should offer and what services should the regional QRP
club newsletters offer. My thoughts are that the International
club newsletters should cover the activities that the regional
clubs are not capable of covering, like QRP contest management,
major QRP events (Dayton and Dallas hamfests) and member news
that is of interest to all. Additionally, the International QRP
Clubs should pick the best tutorials, the best equipment reviews
and the best technical projects that come from the regional QRP
clubs and publish these along with additional comments from their
technical review committees.

The Internet QRP List is frequented by some famous ARCI board
members as well as some more famous regional QRP club officers.
So this would be a good opportunity to give them some positive
feedback on the great jobs the QRP clubs are doing with their
newsletters and your thoughts on the direction they should be
taking. Also, it should be recognized that the publishing of
club QRP newsletters is an effort of many unpaid, enthusiastic
QRP volunteers and for some a true love of the hobby with the
desire to spread the "word". There should only be a desire to
praise these volunteer efforts - let's save the critical reviews
for the commercial publications.

dah-dit-dah Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

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