160 meters


From: jimn0oct@aol.com
Date: Sun May 08 1994 - 10:35:33 EDT

Jeff NH6IL WRITES <jherman@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
>I've got this urge to play on 160M. A simple xmtr and the above type >rcvr
>(and lots of antenna wire) sounds like fun.

>In 18 years of being licensed I've never been on 160 - anyone got >any
>stories to tell (propagation, noise, activity)?

>Jeff NH6IL

Well Jeff, I wasn't able to wrk CQ 160 m contest this year, but last year I
used a TS-820, a 40 meter dipole fed with RG-8 (that's a 1/8 wave antenna)
and was able to work Costa Rica! 160 is fun, but I don't even try in the
summer except on FD. I've been thinking about building a 5 W tx for the
"gentleman's band". With all the power transistors that have an Ft of >20
MHz, I should have fun designing this one.
Let me know how your bc band conversion goes for RX, and I'll keep you posted
on TX if you like.

73, Jim N0OCT


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