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From: James M Fitton +1 508 960 2577 (
Date: Wed May 04 1994 - 11:51:37 EDT

Dayton was great this year. In spite of the rain, many QRPers
said it was the best gathering ever. Having gone for 9 years
straight, I wholeheartedly agree. QRP PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Myron, N8DHT is a master at negotiating, and provided us with 53
rooms full of kindered spirits, and a hospitality suite to play in.
135 QRPers signed the hospitality suite roster and 50 of us are on
Internet. The roster looks like a "Who's Who" of QRP.

ARCI provided a MFJ 9020 doorprize at the QRP banquet on Sat. evening.
Other prizes were: Colorburst kit from QRP-NE, "History of QRP" from
Ade, W0RSP, a partial NorCal40 kit from NorCal QRP, and a G-QRP club
membership from G3RJV.

Chuck, K5FO sponsored the trophy for the "QRP-Afield" 6 hour QRP
field operating event by QRP-NE on September 17. THANKS CHUCK !!

Congratulations to Doug, KI6DS who became a member of QRP-ARCI
board of directors. Interesting to see so many leaders of smaller
clubs volunteer to help run ARCI. A leader is a leader etc...

Doug and Chuck suggested that ARCI do a HB project. Not so much
to make money as to get members participating in an enjoyable part
of the hobby. ARCI, under new president, Les, WN2V, agreed that
would help generate forward movement for the club.

Following the tradition of the NorCal 40 club project rig, the
new Sierra looks terrific. All bands in a small package looks like
the way to go. A SASE to KI6DS will bring particulars on this
dynamite all band CW rig club kit.

I bought the ELNAC program from Roy, W7EL and hope to model a
killer antenna for QRP-NE to use on field day, and QRP Afield.

The NW QRP club offered another field day challenge to QRP clubs.
NorCal forfeited the prize last year when they admitted to having
too much club participation. In this years challenge, submit the
number of contacts made on 3 transmitting stations, using wire
antennas to qualify.

Because of the pouring rain, not too many antennas were up outside
of the hospitality suite. Next year, we hope that folks that arrive
by car bring a few poles and antennas. Hard to fit a tower section
under the seat as airline carry-on. Outside the hospitality
suite stands a few low bushes and a half acre of green lawn.
Miss that 11th floor full wave loop at the old Belton Hotel.

Rick Littlefield, K1BQT brought a new window fan antenna from MFJ
to try at the hosp. suite but the SWR indicator unit looked like
it got dropped, and did not work right. Too bad, as many stations
were heard on receive, when the unit was peaked.

Doug, KI6DS showed a beautiful NorCal logo patch, which each
member of NorCal will receive..... What a guy ! What a club !!
They went over the 500 member mark at Dayton and they are just 1
year old !!!

Meeting some of these fantastic, creative people at Dayton excites
the grey matter in a way that has to be experienced. Ideas that you
could never imagine, come from the best of the best people.
Save your money and go in '95'. The excitement is building !!
Next year is the 10th aniversary of the QRP-ARCI at Dayton and
promises to be very special.

Jim, W1FMR

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