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From: Chuck Adams (
Date: Wed May 04 1994 - 09:21:00 EDT

Bad News - K5FO Newsletter delayed a few days.
           Reason: reformatting. I had it ready, took it to Dayton,
           showed it to Doug Hendricks, and was ready to print on
           Monday and mail on Tuesday. Then I was taken a shot at by
           the President of the NW Club. I'm in process of getting this
           straightened out with my response that I will relay to him tomorrow
           and then get his response and then we will continue on with our

Good News - K5FO Newsletter will go out FIRST CLASS mail on Saturday.
           More good news, I think, the K5FO Newsletter will be 20 pages
           long (down from the original 60 pages) and will come out
           MONTHLY. It will be mailed first class the first week of the
           month and the subscription price will remain at $5 per year
           until Uncle Sam decides to again raise the price of a first
           class stamp. This may be the first newsletter to be in a
           monthly format. I hope that I'm not being stupid to do this,
           and I might, but most of the information that we need is
           time critical. For those with access to the internet, it's
           not a problem, for others it is.

My apologies for the delay. I tried, but there are some things in
life one must do to protect one's reputation and misinformation being
propagated in this information age. I think that I've aired enough
to this group to convey the fact that I am optimistic (sp?) about
QRP and QRPers and really love the hobby. And that is exactly what
it is, a hobby. To enjoy and grow and share is the name of the game.

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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