The Low Down #2


From: Johns (
Date: Tue May 03 1994 - 19:17:15 EDT

I just received issue #2 of the Colorado QRP Club's newsletter
the Low Down. Here is the table of contents:

Activities Calendar (Pull Out) Center
Activities and Contest Information 9 & 12
Check-ins 19
EFT Update 18
Field Day Announcement 7
Ham Bike Tour 17
Information Super Highway 5
Minutes of March Meeting 4
New Products - T-Kit 6 meter xverter 6
President's Notes 3
QRP Equipment Guide 8
QRP Net Info Back Cover
Tech Topics - Sidetone Oscillator 7

The QRP Rig Profile lists the characteristics of 19 QRP rigs. While
there are a number of ?s in some of the fields, this looks like a
great way to compare kit and commercial rigs for the QRP market.
Hopefully the Colorado QRP Club will share this table with other
groups and those groups can expand on the list to include "local"
rigs from local and regional QRP clubs.

For those of you who chase awards the EFT (Earth Friendly Technologies)
certificate is available to those who "demonstrate, to the satisfaction
of the Certificate Manager, their ability to complete a QRPp (less than
one watt) QSO at distances greater than 100 kilometers."

Looks like a nice newsletter. I'm only sorry that I can't attend the
meeting on May 7 in Aurora, CO. I lived in Aurora for 8 years from 1980
and sure wish the group had been in existance then. Maybe I wouldn't
have moved from Colorado :-)

Jim Johns KA0IQT

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