Re: cw sidebands


From: Jeffrey Herman (jherman@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Date: Tue May 03 1994 - 11:24:36 EDT

Brad: I think the problem here is that some xcvrs (not seperate xmtr-rcvr)
design the rcvr so that it is perminently offset from the xmtr freq -
my old HW-8 used to be that way (no RIT). So the rcvr is set to one
of the sidebands of the xmtd signal. So if we have a sked for 7040kc
my rcvr is actually listening to, say, 7040.5kc - maybe on your rig
(if you don't have RIT and your rcvr is perminently offset) your rcvr
might be listening to, 7039.5kc, even though both our window freq.
are reading 7040.

People who design xcvrs w/o RIT ought to be shot. The confusion that has
resulted throughout history because of the lack of this aid would have
been enought to distroy any country. Rumor has it that the L.A. riots
2 years ago might have been triggered due to lack of RIT in many of
the kits on the market then. ;)

Jeff NH6IL

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